AI tools for ear exams

today's ear exam process is broken

why are we ok with questionable care?

ear infections

One of the leading reasons people go to the doctor, we perform about 250 million ear exams a year.


The difficult and subjective nature of the ear exam leads to 70% of diagnoses and treatments being incorrect.


We overtreat 1/3 of cases, with 8 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and $1 billion of wasted resources.

our ai tools provide objective guidance

using proprietary and patented artificial intelligence approaches

primary care

Ear exams are performed by a wide range of practitioners. This includes specialist ENT doctors, pediatricians, primary care physicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners — all with a wide range of ear exam experience. We seek to provide objective analysis to support clinical decision making at every level of care.


Telehealth is leaving ear exams behind because eardrum imaging is still too hard. We seek to make eardrum imaging easier and support new revenue models like eConsults. This provider-to-provider workflow improves efficiency, letting each practitioner work at the maximum of their training and skill set.

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product pilot testing scheduled for FalL 2024

One Coherent Image of the Eardrum

With young and uncomfortable patients, it can often be easier to grab a short video of the ear exam than try to frame that one perfect eardrum picture. Our patented SelectStitch software uses a trained AI model to analyze that video frame by frame, identify frames showing eardrum, choose the areas with the best focus and fewest obstructions, and put it all together into one coherent image.

We have a strong and experienced team.

Our team includes experts in ear disease, artificial intelligence, full stack development, medical devices, regulatory clearance, and healthcare operations. We have the right team to execute on our vision to bring ear disease screening tools to every exam room, walk in clinic, school health office, and beyond.

We're bringing the ear exam into telehealth and beyond.